Friday, February 22, 2013

The Ultimate Blogging Planner

Say Not Sweet Anne
The Ultimate Blogging Planner
Free Printable

As a member of the Mosaics Review team, we were given an "assignment" to review a Blogging Planner from a list of choices. I chose this one from Say Not Sweet Anne.

A treat for you bloggers...Say Not Sweet Anne has created a beautiful blogging planner to help us all stay on top of all of our information.

I was drawn to this planner because of the beautiful look of me, it has the feel of a romantic fabric and is just lovely to look at. Kayla created it when she could not find anything to suit her needs and has provided it for all of us to use. I REALLY LOVE that!!!

I downloaded the teal option with the notes...because I ALWAYS need room for notes. Then I printed it two sided (I did just use regular copy paper and it looks fine) I had it bound at Office Depot with a clear spiral binding. I did have clear covers put on it as well and I think that cost about $3 total.

Coming home to use it...The first page you work with is a Important Information page. It has MANY spaces to put website addresses with user names and passwords. Each spot was a little small for me, so I just put the information I needed to keep there free form on the page...I would show you this, but there are private user names/ you can just take my word for this. This page actually became a vital page for me...I did not anticipate that...but I was having issues with 3 particular sites and now I have that information stored in this spot. I love that it is in one place instead of all my little slips of paper mashed into an old bank envelope. You may wish to look at this page and consider making a few copies of it before you have your planner copied and bound. My page is almost full in my free form style.

Next, there is a Contacts page and an Other page. I have not used these yet, but there are so many ways they could be used. The Contacts page has a heading that has columns for Name, URL, Email, Facebook, and Cell. The other page has five columns, but no you can use it however you like.

Then you have come to the monthly pages. I began using this at the very END of January, so I do not have much noted there...Skipping to have the Month page with the beautiful background bordering the month page. The dates are printed on each writing it all in. One thing I LOVE about THIS planner is that the holidays are this particular color, they are teal...I had a calendar once that did not have ANY holiday information on it...SO THANK YOU KAYLA for making that a very visible part of the calendar page. There is also a place on the side where you can write notes...I always need room for notes!

Turn the page and you come to the pages that are particular for blogging use. On the format I chose, you have two weeks of information on each two page spread. There is a box for each week to keep track of posts, comments, visits, subscribers, likes, and followers...I have not yet had a chance to keep track of these numbers, but I do like having a place to keep them stored that is easy to find.

(Don't you LOVE those Coffee Rings??? Those did not come with the planner...I had to add that embellishment myself!!)

Another set of boxes is a to-do list for each week and then you have a large area for notes and project ideas for each week. I ended up using both of these areas for the same thing on the weeks I have been using the planner, because I was scheduling some posts and needed more room for my thoughts, but I love having the space to keep track of those thoughts that come and go into your head and to keep track of regular posts and deadlines that are coming. One thing that I did not find helpful was that the Week Of boxes began with Monday's date...I think in Sunday through Saturday time frames and this kept throwing me is a VERY MINOR thing though and the ONLY thing that I did not like about the planner.

I LOVE how portable this planner is. It is easy to throw in the car and grab in a hurry...rather than my wall calendar...which is BIG or my lesson planners, which are very BULKY...and really need to be at HOME...where we can FIND schooling can actually happen!

The planner comes in 5 colors: Purple, Pink, Teal, Grey and Blue as well as a black and white option. It was very easy to download and she gives step by step instructions for putting it together if you need it. One thing I need to do is get the monthly tabs put on. I have not done that yet and it really is HELPFUL to be able to find a future month quickly.

Not a blogger, but you LOVE this planner too...Kayla has created a regular version of this planner just for you!

Try have nothing to lose...I think you're really going to love it!

Please feel free to see what my Mosaic Reviews team mates had to say about this planner and the other ones we had to choose from here


Home Sweet Home(school) said...

Nice, thorough review. I love the different color options, but since our color printer is out of ink all color printing is on hold at the moment... Your review makes me want to take another look at this planner!

Dee said...

Thanks, Carrie, for sharing your thoughts on this planner with us! I got a good feel for the planner itself from your review, as well as why it works so well for you ;-)

Raquel Dunn said...

Awesome that she made a non blog version too

Carie said...

I have coffee rings on everything also :) Great review!

Tonya Andrews said...

I love the idea of the spiral binding and clear covers!

Christy said...

I honestly thought the coffee rings were apart of the design until I kept reading. :)

Kimberly Richter said...

Nice blog & great review! I enjoyed reading this.

charla said...

It really is such a beautiful layout. You did a great review job, BTW. Very informative.

Peggy Dalley said...

This review has me wanting to add this one to my already too large collection. :) Great review! The pictures really give a good feel for how to use your planner.

momma24 said...

great review!