Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joy Dare Catch-ups

Fell a little behind in the craziness of life, but I want to be thankful in and for all a little catch up is in order...

Jan 7
3 Graces from People you love
1) My son saying, "You ARE awesome Momma"
2) A coming home welcoming committee...makes me feel SO APPRECIATED
3)A very sweet word from our church granny...made me cry

Jan 8
1) Dusky Light:A promise given that I cling to even though the fulfillment looks IMPOSSIBLE...Our God IS GOD of the impossible
2)Surprising Reflection: My like me in many areas...and yet fearfully and wonderfully made a unique creation of our loving God
3)Lovely Shadow: A man came through my line yesterday and said, "You have the peace that comes with loving children...a serenity that is lovely." Can we just say STUNNED...but so very blessed by his words...

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