Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Gift Worn, Given Away, Shared

A Gift Worn: My wedding ring. This ring is a replacement for the one that was stolen when I was pregnant with my oldest child. It came on a Christmas that was particularly difficult. Dana's father had died 4 months before and it was going to be a hard holiday for all of us. It came in a box slightly deeper than a ream of copy paper...maybe two...but it was HEAVY...it came with a card that was handmade by my husband...and his words led me to believe maybe it was a figurine of some sort,but then I peeled back the flaps of the box...I saw some bricks...and I started crying...because I KNEW what it was. It was a sacrificial gift that we could not afford at that time, but that was an important gift for my husband to give to me at this time.

Given Away: We bought the principessa a special gift for Christmas...a special locket that says...you are a unique and precious gift to us from God. In her locket she has a crown...because she is a child of God, a snowflake...because she was born on a snowy day and her birthstone. She is a very great gift.

Shared: My number 3 boy and I went and had a night out together. We saw Les Miserables and got a bite to eat. This boy has taken on quite a bit of responsibility this year and I wanted to show him how grateful I was for all of his help. It was a nice time of togetherness.


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