Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Gift Bringing Laughter, Prayer, Quiet

1} A Gift bringing laughter: The PERFECT gift from a six year old...He gave it to me for Christmas...he was SO PROUD of himself for picking it out and his excitement to give it to me was SOOOOO adorable it just made me was a snow globe with a golden retreiver puppy inside...and it sits close to the computer...and every time I see makes me smile...because it WAS the perfect gift...a sweet gift of love for his momma.

2} A Gift bringing Prayer: My BSF lesson...what is your message for me this week? (BSF has been a GREAT GIFT to me these last few years...if you are looking for an excellent study of God's Word...check it out here

3}A Gift Bringing Quiet: a nap...just kidding...I wanted one today, but ended up talking to a good friend instead...then when the call was almost over, my two youngest came up for snuggles and a few tickles...but NO NAP...seriously...a new book... and again my BSF Lesson.


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