Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3 Old Things Seen New

1} My Marriage Certificate...a vow made 21 years ago is still a vow made today. It is easy to set that aside as the years go by with all the He saids and She saids...but it is still precious and worth working on and fighting for

2} My faith...also around 21 years old...seems like I should be further along most days...but God is still working on this girl and faith is a process and I am much further along than I was...for that, I am beyond grateful.

3} The is very old, but I am thankful that while it never changes, it is just what I need each and every day...and I still learn things I never knew or thought about before. It is almost like unwrapping a gift each time you pick it up. New, but old...fresh but the same.


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