Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things I've Pinned

If you haven't been able to tell, I really LOVE Pinterest. I do not know WHY it took me so long to catch onto what it was, but am so thankful for Cheri for telling me about it...
So a few new things I've tried from Pinterest

and this was what I did...put it on my fridge...I love how is it a great message and a WONDERFUL way to keep an uncluttered fridge!

I LOVE this...I was unable to find the original source, but I think it is a GREAT idea...thank you~

Then I made a version of this:

She said it cost her $4.99...I really wanted to try this, so went to get the things needed. First, I could not find the Meyer's bar soap...if you really want to use that particular brand, I would check on their website for places to find it. I ended up getting South of France Verbena soap. It is a french milled soap and I thought it would be a great substitute in this I LOVED the lemony scent. That bar was $5.99.
(note the color...that becomes VERY important later in this story!)

Then I went to get the know those times when you are REALLY chomping at the bit and you do NOT want to wait ANY LONGER to do something...well that is an important element here as well...

Yes, I know...let's just get beyond that...I can't remember exactly...but I think they were $ was ALL Fred Meyer I went with it...That one box...was exactly the amount I needed...really making this a MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE project...note to self...have glycerin on hand for future soap projects...
So, on to MAKING the soap...that all went as it set for several hours...when I went to check on it, this is what I had

I cannot tell you how much I wish you could see this in the picture (well...maybe you can tell)...I don't know are probably REALLY GLAD you cannot...but I have FOUR boys and this kind of thing can really set us off...So techy guy and I were in the kitchen stirring...and SERIOUSLY...this looked literally like a pot of phlegm...the two of us were laughing so hard as I was stirring...and no, I am not very mature at all..
Anyway, once we got over that, I poured into two gallon milk bottles...mine was VERY THICK so we added more water...I think I got a gallon and a half of soap. My soap dispensers have other soap in them, but I did use this...and it felt nice...and aside from it looking like, know...I think it will be a good thing for our family.

We tried this with Ivory Soap...I asked my children what they thought would happen...well, they had no idea it would be this

A breakfast treat we tried was Breakfast Banana Splits and it had mixed reviews because of the Greek Yogurt...which I LOVE, but is a little tangy for some...

I bought these wonderful Princess House dishes because I thought they would make the perfect dish for banana splits...know how many times I've used I am glad to have a new use for them with this healthier version of a banana split

We are also making very fun to make

and I printed off a REALLY CUTE Valentine's Day thing...but I am sending a couple to some I don't want them to see it yet...

I think what I LOVE MOST about Pinterest is that these are very do-able projects with easy to find supplies...many of which you may already have on hand. If you haven't checked it out yet...I highly recommend it!


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

so cute! a ring to wear and then eat...gotta love it! hugs...your newest follower! : )

Heather said...

The soap story is waaaay too funny. I love it!

I've been wanting to try making my own soap, too. Our dollar store has the best smelling Yardley soap (for a buck), so all I need to get is the bottled glycerine.

Thanks for the follow and the funny story.



PS My son used to do a mime number to The End of the Beginning with a group of kids and it was absolutely amazing. I appreciated hearing it...I had forgotten about that.