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Recommended for 2-4 players from grades 1-8

Fractazmic Decks Include:
60 Math Learning Cards
Each card clearly numbered
Each card clearly labeled with the fraction and reinforcing graphic.

What makes Fractazmic Decks Special:
Quickly learn to convert and add fractions.
Reinforces relationship between fractions and measurements.
Shows real world use of fractions.
Fractazmic gives EVERYONE lots of practice adding and converting fractions in a way that is fun. The cards can be used in different ways for different knowledge or skill levels. I called two of my older boys in to play the game with me and we tried both the Trap game and the Rummy versions with the cards. The deck is broken up into three different suits:
GREEN is the TENTHS suit
BLUE is the TWELFTHS suit
RED (looks kinda brownish orange to me) is the SIXTEENTHS suit

Within the MAIN SUIT, you also have equivalent fractions in the TWELFTHS suit you will see these fractions: 1/12, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 5/12, and 1/2...The point of the two games we played was to make 0ne 10/10, 12/12 or 16/16...or if you could use the smaller fractions you could make 5/5, etc.
So, to play Trap, you hold your cards in your hand and are discarding to try to come up with a whole OR force the player next to you to go over one can watch how to play the Fractazmic version of TRAP

Trap plays very quickly and is very good for younger players or in shorter time periods.

In the RUMMY version, you are collecting a run that equals one whole...

This took quite a bit of thinking and converting of fractions and was my personal favorite way to play the game.
What we LOVED about Fractazmic:

I love that this gives children a lot of practice with adding and converting fractions. I REALLY LOVED the pictures on the cards, which if doing the math in the head was a challenge, you could count on the cards and get the answer as well. The games were fun...we found the Rummy version took a little more time to play out a round than the TRAP version and found that we preferred the Rummy version as well. I think that these cards will be excellent for teaching about adding and converting fractions and provide an EXCELLENT visual tool/practice in equivalent fractions. I LOVED that this was practice in adding REAL fractions that you would use in life as opposed to adding totally random fractions in pointless practice...
There is a FABULOUS booklet you can download called Dr. Ron's Succeeding in Mathematics with Games
If your child is struggling with adding fractions, just learning about fractions or completely understands equivalent fractions, Fractazmic is a game you can feel good about playing together. Want to try to get a FREE deck, you can play an online speed game here

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Disclaimer: I received this item for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation. All the opinions expressed are my own.

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