Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Star Wars Saga on DVD

As you may or may not know, we are a Star Wars when I say WE, I really mean THEM...the boys, but who's keeping track of all that...
So, an opportunity is before the Star Wars on Blu-Ray...and since May the Fourth is a holiday to at least ONE of my boys, I am making a shameless PLUG to receive this item to review...ON BLU-RAY...the WHOLE since we own more of these on VHS than DVD, AND I think we are missing at least one, AND one of my boys has been counting down the days until it was released, I am raising my hands, waving frantically and saying...PLEASE PICK ME...I think it would qualify me as being MOM of the year...and what mom REALLY does not need some of that???

And, for those of you who had to read this and are saying to yourselves how lame it KNOW you'd do it too for one of yours! Just plug in THEIR THING! :-)



Kristen said...

Hey Carrie, zack rented them. I am sure your kids are more forgiving than my zack. He was made because he felt they made things look computer generated. He came and took the box set to prove it LOL
By the way who has been working on your blog?

joelle said...

This certainly made me laugh. My boys (6 and soon to be 8) are just getting into this Star Wars things . . .
Stopping by from the crew.