Monday, February 14, 2011

PW Cookbook, again

Last week, I made PW's Perfect Pot Roast...It was good, but I am not really a Pot Roast gal...I don't know, I have issues I guess with Pot Roast and memories of stringy, over done meat and I have been ruined ever since. It was good...just not my thing. So, I took the leftovers and made a Beef Barley Soup with it...and let me tell you...THAT was GOOD...All I did was use all the leftovers from her Pot Roast...After we had dinner that night, there was beef, carrots, onion and a lot of juices left over. I diced everything, tossed it in a pot, added more broth, some roasted garlic that we had on bread with the pot roast, and some barley and let it cook. The juices left over from the pot roast made the soup SO FLAVORFUL...I am really glad I saved them.
Tonight, we are having Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich...with basically it is onions, cube steak and butter...with a few seasonings...and it looks DE-LISH...I'll let you know what we on my list to try...Chicken Pot Pie....Then her enchiladas....
What are you cooking?

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