Sunday, February 6, 2011

Born in my Heart

My Friend Grace and her husband are raising money to bring a boy home from far, far away. I have been helping, I have 30 of those plastic or rubber or what have you bracelets (you know the ones that were really popular a few years ago that said Hope or WWJD or Livestrong, etc) that say Born in my Heart (these are red) and I would love to have them ALL be sent out. If God has given you a Heart for orphans or for this family or even for me, would you consider sending a gift for Noah? I will send out your bracelet as soon as I get your request. Checks can be made out to Grace Silva and mailed to: Carrie Cannon at 1242 State Ave. Suite I-226, Marysville, WA 98270...Even though they need several thousand dollars, please do not think you cannot help. NO GIFT is too small...
Thank you SO much for your Consideration!

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