Monday, January 24, 2011


This week DD got to look at the letter M for his letter of the week school work...there is a post down below about that...but he got to make a Mosiac M and write M & m...wish I would have thought ahead to give him m & m's...but no go there...Since we were studying the rectangle this week too, he did get to have a Hershey's bar...first we talked about ALL of the rectangles in a Hershey Bar, then we made an M out of it, then DD got to share it with he did have a little bit of a treat. Probably the thing he had the best time with was marble painting...I am not sure if the colors will show up well,He chose those colors himselt...I am thinking about making Valentine's Day cards from them for him. It turned out very nice, I think.

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Amanda said...

What great lessons! :) I love his big smile too!