Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dinnertime: Potato Pierogies

I really love making something special from time to time...something you really don't make very often, so when I made mashed potatoes for dinner the other night and their were leftovers...I decided to make Shepherd's Pie...that is ALWAYS a really great way to use up leftovers. After making a really large pan of the Shepherd'e Pie, there were still quite a few mashed potatoes left over...and I KNEW EXACTLY what I was going to make...Pierogies...they are SUPER easy to make...just take a little bit of time, but for every once in a while, it is just the thing to make us smile. The recipe I like is nothing very special...Martha Stewart's recipe, but boy are they yummy. Tonight, we will be having them with a German style chicken...I still need to figure that out...but here is the recipe for the Pierogies...Thanks Martha!

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