Monday, June 14, 2010

Striving for Simplicity

A sweet "bloggy" friend, Linny, Posted this great tip on her blog and I thought I would share a tip that has made life more simple at my house...
For the youngest two children here, I make them clothing bags for each day with their entire outfit in shoes, but everything for the Principessa, I fold her clothes and put everything in the bag, one for each day...and as I am doing that, I try to think of what will be happening and plan accordingly...For DD, I just put together the pants and shirts...he doesn't have enough socks and skivvies for the number of bags I have for him. On his bags, I wrote his name...since he can't read (but can recognize his name) and because I was finding empty ziploc bags all over the house and I was never quite sure if they were his or mine...I wrote days of the week on the Principessa's.
So, I am sure you are does this Simplify your life? Well, now they are not digging through their drawers to find clothes...which if it were left in the drawers, would be okay with me, but they ended up ALL OVER THE FLOOR and then because they were on the floor and became mixed with dirty, got thrown into the laundry and so I was washing clean clothes several times...which, when you have more than the 2.5 or 1.9 or whatever the average number of children is right now...well, let's just say...I don't need any more laundry.
And now, when I am doing laundry, I have them grab their basket and I refill the bags while I am folding...may not be rocket science, might not work in your home, but in my home, "It's a Good Thing!"
Now, we're working on CLEANER BEDROOMS!
So, how do you Simplify your Life?


mpence said...

I do this for mine when we go camping! makes life much easier when living out of a suitcase to have it all folded in zip lock baggies!

Lynn said...

Dear Carrie,

Thank you SO MUCH for the recipe cards! They are so special and so beautiful. I showed them to my husband and children and said, "Look!! Just look!" :)

I love them! I just wanted to go ahead and let you know -- time here is so crazy, I'm slow to get actual snail mail correspondance out sometimes!


Cheri said...

I love that idea Carrie. Clothes piles are REALLY frustrating! I have done this for vacations but never thought about doing it for everyday.