Monday, January 25, 2010 it for breakfast?

Have you all noticed the subtle switch in the cereal market? Many are now stating that they have whole grains and less sugar. General Mills is one of those who have made the switch, and I really appreciate having a quick and easy AND healthier option. As a member of Blog Spark, I was given VIP coupons, the online coupon link, and the information from General Mills and in hand, I went to the store and chose our cereal...Cheerios, of course...a staple, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a nice change of pace, Honey Nut Cheerios and Reese's Puffs (I mean you got to live a little...) Now, I know some of you are could you feed THAT to your children...what about Oatmeal, it is SO NUTRITIOUS...cereal is full of empty calories, sugar, etc...well, my family (myself included) does not care for oatmeal...and I cannot be cooking eggs, bacon, etc everyday...not exactly the best way to cut fat and all...and cereal is the option that works in our home.
So, have you noticed all the little boxes on the front of the box? It tells you...right on the a clear and easily understandable way how much sugar, etc is in each serving. Now I love THAT...Also, did you know that General Mills Big G cereal contains at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving, and more than 20 General Mills cereals deliver 16 grams or more.
This site has alot of interesting information about cereal and breakfast...I would recommend you take a look at it. I was a little surprised...try them out...and here is a link for a coupon to try them again.
Still concerned about the sugar? Either grab one that is low in sugar or mix a cereal that has more sugar with one that has very low sugar...and add some sliced bananas or strawberries and you have...Breakfast!

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mpence said...

The big thing for me with the cereal, besides not knowing precisely what is in it, is that my family, my dainty little girls, will eat 2 BOXES of the stuff for breakfast! It is just not an economical choice...I am glad they like oatmeal! (AND that they are able to make it themselves, lol!)

I am glad you have something that works well in your family! Sounds like some good changes overall for cereals!