Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grocery Challenge Wrap up

Mary at Owlhaven posted a challenge at the beginning of September to spend $75 a week on groceries this month. I was excited about the challenge and jumped on board...we lost track of our spending because my hubby did some of the shopping, meal planning, etc...and I couldn't find receipts, that is a flop...but...I did learn things this month...
The greatest thing this challenge did was made me aware of my spending...we would often buy things because they looked good, were on sale, etc with no plan...and I am sure many of those purchases are still on my shelves...stocking up during a good sale is good, but there must be a plan somewhere.
The next thing that I realized was that when there is a plan for meals, life is so much easier...the brain wracking frantic 5 pm hunt is gone...I know what is on the menu and am prepared to pull out the things I need.
From many of the other participants, I realized that some people were able to stock up and buy extras even on that lower dollar amount...I am hoping to stock up on some things over the next several months too...sugar, flour, butter, etc...all those things that you go through so quickly during the holidays.
I am excited to see what this means for future months of grocery shopping...I think Mary may have just started something!
Thanks for the challenge Mary~!


Jennifer said...

Carrie - Top Foods has 2 lb carrots for .69, 10 lbs. potatoes for .99, yellow onions for .39, those are things I use a lot, so I was there today. Cheap! Filling, useful!

Owlhaven said...

Yeah--so glad you played along!


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

We have 5 kids too. I didn't find the challenge until it was almost over. Wonder if I could do it!

Sheri said...

Hey Carrie-I am so pleased that you love my blog! That means a lot to me-as I often wonder if its original purpose is actually coming thru. I guess it is! I could stuff 12 for my 15 yold too, but b/cuz the classes she has thru the HS group have such tremendous work loads-like one module of Apologia Biology per week-that I simply have to cut it down so she can get that required stuff done in time. Perhaps we'll finish the science at home next semester so I can lighten it up a bit and add more funnish things to her wkbxes. Well, anyhoo-so glad you enjoy the blog! Blessings to you.

Rachel said...

I totally agree with you on the planning of dinner. Even if I get off track and don't follow my dinner plan exactly, simply having one week's worth of meals planned and shopped for saves so much stress and blesses my family!

Lynn said...

Carrie, I have been very challenged in this area lately, especially with my brain fog due to the hypothyroidism. I get in the store and cannot remember what I'm there for and end up doing a lot of impulse buying! Hopefully I can get back on track now that I'm getting better. Thank you for the encouragment to be wise with our money!


JillY said...

Two Words.....CROCK POT! That has made planning so much easier for me! And WAY less expensive!
Jill from DW group