Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some New Blogs

Well, through the course of stumbling across things, I have found a few new blogs I would like to share with you all...again, because I don't have a clue, you will have to scroll down to my blog list to click on the link there, because HERE just does not work for me....anyone want to share that tip???
So without further ado...
A small list of new faves:
Mary from Owlhaven- I LOVE this new blog...she has some great posts, but my favorites are the ones where she really stretches herself to feed her family of 11 for next to nothing...this month she is challenging us to really cut our weekly budget and see if we can live on that for a month...she mentioned $75 a week and I think I will try that...you can click on the link and read all about it...She recently posted about going to the fair and only spending $100...now we had a hard time doing that with only the two of us, much less 11....so pop over there to see if she did it!

What's in the Box- I love this blog...works with the workboxes...she has a lot of really great ideas to put in the boxes...very creative...gets those ideas flowing in me. This year, she added her high school daughter into the box concept, so I will love to see how that all plays out.

Girly Do's by Jenn- I think this is my all time new fave....I don't know, I could probably say that about every blog on my list....they all give me something I need....people much smarter than me...so I am thankful they keep posting...anyway...this one is just for this momma hair dork...pony tail was about the limit of my capabilities...until this blog...she guides you literally step by step through some really great girly do's...if you think the principessa's hair looks nice, please give all the credit to Jenn....love this blog!!!

Ok, and one that is not so new, but you all may not know about it...
A Mother's Journal- I really love this blog...she has such an eclectic mix of gardening, homeschooling, and daily life, all wrapped up in wit...I just love her blog posts...she also has the MOST amazing photos in her garden where she gets up close and personal with all sorts of creepy crawlies...really breathtaking...she posted recently pictures of a butterfly just coming out of its chrysalis...I am so amazed that she had the eyes to see it all...I cannot tell you how many times that I am sure similar things were before me, but I did not have the eyes to see it...puts a little more understanding to the words of Scripture for me..."Whoever has eyes to see...."

So, tell me...which are your favorite blogs or new blogs...I really could have posted about every blog on my list...but I know many of you already read the Noa's blog and Fresh Thoughts and That's just Me, etc, etc....but...tell me why you like a particular blog...you never know...it may show up in my blog list...


Sheri said...

ah, I am blushing here. I guess I will say yours is fast becoming one of my favs, Beth Moore's blog, my friend Lynn's at http://learning-by-living.blogspot.com is awesome-get loads of ideas from her and boy, there are so many to choose from....well, that is a start!

Take care

Jennifer said...


When you are writing your post, highlight the word you want to connect with the link and then go to the little link at the top (like where you would click to add a picture or check spelling, it's green with what looks like a little chain, or link), it will give you a little box to add the url for the link (go to the post or page you want to add, click on the http://etc.).

Email me if you have any problems or questions about it.

I also love Girly Dos, btw!

Grace said...

I really love this one Carrie
I like this one too - her husband went to school with Mike but I didn't know that when I started reading her blog
I read Owlhaven too :)


A House FULL of Grace said...

Thanks for the tips Carrie. Girly-Do's looks great. The ponytail is about the extent of my hair abilities as well...I'm looking forward to trying something new!!