Monday, April 13, 2009


Well a couple of my friends have been talking about getting Unplugged for a period of day a week, this time each day, etc...well, maybe I need to get plugged in...I have not blogged for quite some time...sorry to may stay that way for a while... Life just seems like it is spinning out of control, faster and faster everyday...while I try to keep up on housework, schoolwork and relationships in our family, we have extra things which pull us out of our Physical Therapy and Doctor's appointments and it just is. So if you don't hear from me often, I am sorry, but growing babies do not oldest is proof of that...he will be 15 soon. My youngest will be 3 next week. Life is but a vapor and then it is gone. Way too fast.

Resurrection Blessings

I hope you all had a great Resurrection Day...we did...and we are grateful that all the Cannon family (the ones who live in this house) were at church together for the first time in months...many of you know that our van died back in October...bad transmission...well it is FINALLY running again and all of us can ride together (well legally that is!!! jk). We had a beautiful cantata and a great message...we got to see old friends...and greet the saints at Seven Lakes...a good day. The rest of the day was poor MIL was sick and so we had to cancel our family gathering. I hope she is feeling better soon. I have heard that there is a terrible flu going around where you are really sick for weeks, rather than days...
Well, time for me to get off now...I have to start dinner. I think we will be having scalloped potatoes and ham.

Until next time,

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