Tuesday, November 15, 2011

College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius: The No Brainer Way to SAT Success, 2nd Edition
Textbook, Workbook & DVD set: $99.00

There is no need to spend a fortune on SAT prep. College Prep Genius is a revolutionary program designed to help students master the strategies behind the test and learn how to get the correct answers. This program takes students step by step through each section of the SAT [Critical Reading, Math, Writing,] and gives them a plan for success for each question type.

What we thought of this program: We LOVED this! It was a VERY independent program to use, loaded with great tips and suggestions for preparing to take the PSAT or SAT test, giving not just great strategies for HOW to take the test, but it also a pretty extensive list of sites to look at for applying for scholarships, a chart of 300 math terms needed to take the test (as well as space for writing an example, checklists, vocabulary help, forms for taking practice tests and more. I think that the $99 price is excellent for all of the help this resource gives.
So, the College Prep Genius SAT Prep Course is broken down into 12 easy to manage lessons, with suggestions for how much time students in different grades should be spending weekly on preparing for the test day...Freshmen spend about 1-2 hours per week, whereas a Senior would spend 6-10 hours a week. I found that there was SO MUCH information that you would like to remember that you might want to use a highlighter while working through it. As you work through the lessons, you learn tips for how to find the correct answer and then you Practice, Practice, Practice and then continue on in the book. By the time you get through all the lessons, you should be taking complete SAT practice tests.

One interesting part of this resource is an appendix in the back of the book called, "My Motivation Test." I think this is a great tool so that your student finds out what motivates them and gives them strategies to keep going. My techy guy tested out to be a dreamer...which is what I would have guessed!

A fabulous resource, that is EXTREMELY HELPFUL, put together by a homeschool mom...I highly recommend College Prep Genius! I will be interested in seeing how my techy guy's scores improve throughout the course of this program!

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